Sahaj Samadhi Art of Meditation

Date:15 Oct 2019 - 17 Oct 2019

Easy to Learn:Anyone can learn and become fully proficient in just a few hours of training. The benefits are immediate, tangible and cumulative. The practice itself is relaxing and enjoyable. Benefits: ·         ·       Most Natural, Effortless way of Meditation. ·       ...

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Yin Yoga & Chinese Meridians Weekend Immersion

Date:18 Oct 2019 - 19 Oct 2019

Explore the fundamentals of Yin Yoga based on the holistic model of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM has been practiced for thousands of years. It is an inclusive web of healing modalities that addresses our entire being including the body, mind, and spirit. In this medicinal practice, it is believed that our emotions are intrinsically ...

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Align Body with Mind

Date:18 Oct 2019 - 18 Oct 2019

There are various schools of thought in the various practise of Meditation - right from the tenets described in Shaiva Agamas and Tantra to the theories described in Hatha Yogic texts and also in Patanjala Yogasutras. Each of these practises are unique and adaptation of each is individual centric. The objective of this workshop is to adapt an apt p...

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Workshop on Pancha Vayus Inner Vitality through the 5 Pranas

Date:19 Oct 2019 - 19 Oct 2019

Workshop Summary: Learn yoga secrets on the Pancha Vayus or 5 Airs in us and how to Balance the five Vayus through Asanas, Pranayama and other Yogic techniques. Workshop details: Vayu means ‘Air’. Pancha means Five. The Air that goes into our body,  divides itself into five vayus - Prana, Apana, Udana, Samana and Vyana -, each ...

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Date:20 Oct 2019 - 23 Oct 2019

Youth Empowerment Seminar A dynamic and fun program that challenges teens to take  responsibility for their life and provides a comprehensive set of practical tools for releasing stress, mastering emotions, and raising self-awareness. Benefits: Teens physical, mental, social, and emotional development Breathing...

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