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Fit ME Active has one clear goal, and that is to create the leading online destination in the Middle East region for all the best in yoga, fitness and swimwear - from apparel to accessories, to workout aids and everything in between. Carefully selecting the international brands we partner with to offer only the highest quality of products to our clients in this region.

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Since 2007 kata and asana has been the leading retailer of Yoga and Fitness products suitable for all kinds of sports and activities like spinning, barre, zumba, crossfit, and runners in Dubai UAE. Buy Online and get Yoga Clothes, Products, Pilates and Accessories delivered right @ your Door Step. We also ship all over the Middle East to Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon and Egypt.


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“Buy Good Things from Good People”

We shine a light on fantastic innovators from every corner of the globe that create high-end, quality and sustainable products with a social conscience.

One Good Thing breaks down the stigma surrounding sustainable products. While it’s not always easy to find products that are luxurious, beautiful and ethical too, giving back can be high end. We have the platform to prove it.

Every product that we offer is of exceptionally high quality. They are designed for global consumers who wish to gain easy access to unique, stylish products that make a difference. Our platform helps everyone to do a good thing by supporting real people and helping local communities to thrive.

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Rumi is a natural products company developed from the need for more nature and grounding in daily life.

In a market saturated with yoga products that focus on aesthetics or functionality alone, Rumi combines the two, while giving equal importance to the Earth-conscious nature of our products and our process and their biodegradability.

Everything in our creations is made from natural or conciously-sourced materials. Our creation process is in or near the country from which the materials are sourced. 

Our products have been designed to offer comfort, stability, and convenience for the yoga practitioner during their asana or meditation practice.

Rumi Earth blends all of the ingredients for an ideal, serene yoga practice into our products.


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The Lovetuner

The Lovetuner is a revolutionary mindfulness tool that aligns you with the 528hz frequency, known as the love frequency. It is a stylish necklace, that comes in a variety of colours, that is designed to provide an instantly available shortcut to meditation.

The Lovetuner helps you to rapidly enter into a relaxed state to reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, improve your health, prevent burnout, and arrive in the here and now. It improves your breathing capacity, helps you to oxygenate your body and increases focus and concentration. It can be used by all ages (though young children should be supervised as the flute is small).

Made in the USA, brought to you with love by Little Miss Wellness.

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