Take Another Way

Just do not give up!Happy new week Dubaians!! Daily yoga pills...

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Love More

Take your daily dose of kindness...

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ByeBye Stress

And Finally Week-end is almost here!!!Take your daily dose of yoga + kindness, go and make your week-end wonderful!!...

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Surya Namaskar

Are you ready to join us Friday 9th Nov. for globalmala ?The mornings are normally so busy that some of us do not even manage enough time to sit and have breakfast, let alone dedicate a fraction of it to some exercise. Caught by a daily frenetic routine..when the evening arrives we drop dead in bed in an attempt to catch some sleep before ...

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How do you press your hands on the mat

Wrist pain is the most common complaint during a yoga Class.If you practice regularly ...you’re going to spend a lot of time bearing weight on the delicate structures of your hands and wrists. The problem is that this is not their intended function. ..I mean...we do not use to walk to the grocery store on our hands..right? :)As the action of weig...

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